Why "Manage" Back Pain When You Can Cure It?

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Do you want to manage pain or cure it?

It used to be that the best you could do was manage pain, but there is new endoscopic technology available to cure it. Your patients want a cure rather than management with drugs or procedures, like rhizotomies, that don’t last. 

I invite you to learn about four endoscopic surgical procedures that can permanently cure the pain from various types of facet syndrome (back pain).

The pain management doctor has a unique place in the treatment of chronic spine pain. A pain management practice is unique because the vast majority of pain issues faced are generated by soft tissue problems. These soft tissue problems are often “invisible” on the x-rays, MRI scans, or CT scans.

This means two things:

  1. Typical spine surgeons will have no interest in these problems and will not have any suggestions to definitively treat these problems.
  2. The ability to cure soft tissue pain with endoscopic spine surgery is a simple way to earn more patients by addressing a underserved need.

Would you like to learn how to do an endoscopic procedure that could transform your practice? 
Just for once, wouldn’t you like to have a comprehensive surgical course that covered all aspects of a surgical procedure for you, your office staff, and the operating room staff? A modular online course that gets you from A-Z and can be reviewed anytime?

We have four, 9-module courses that will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to increase your productivity.

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I'm Dr. Tony Mork, board certified orthopedic surgeon and endoscopic spine specialist

I have a 100% endoscopic spine practice, and owned my first Richard Wolf tray in 2001 and I have never performed a fusion.

I am a national instructor for endoscopic spine surgery and in 2010 I published a paper on a new endoscopic technique to cure facet pain in the cervical spine. I’ve done more than 1000 of these procedures over the years and I know exactly what you and your staff need to adopt this procedure in your practice.

My courses are comprised of 9 modules that take you through every step of implementing these procedures in your practice. Each course has a video of the actual surgery.

Course Structure

Each course is structured in a very easy fashion for quick learning and implementation of your new skills.

Each course has video of the actual surgery being performed with live audio. It's like you're right there!

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