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Endoscopic Cervical Facet Surgery Course

Transform your practice today!

What you'll get:

  • 9 video modules detailing the procedure from CPT codes and consent to positioning and dictation.

  • 1 COMPLIMENTARY marketing video to help increase the productivity of your practice.

  • Access to an "ESA subscribers only" forum to ask questions.

  • This is an online, 9 module course that explains cervical facet syndrome from 3 points of view.

  • The first component is for your office staff on how to code, bill and consent this procedure.

  • The second component is for your operating room staff on how to set the room up, know what equipment is necessary and anesthesia recommendations.

  • The third component is for you. This includes a thorough understanding of facet syndrome and how to confirm the diagnosis. Next is a complete list of the equipment necessary for the procedure and step-by-step video instructions on how to do the surgery (endoscopic facet debridement).

    his is a safe, effective beginning level procedure that is appropriate for a beginner level. You can perform this if you follow the step by step instructions. There is also an explanation of the typical post op course.

    Finally, there will be a short bonus section on the basic things you need to have in place to let potential patients know that you can do this procedure for permanent pain relief.