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Hi I’m Dr Tony Mork, endoscopic spine specialist. I was a knee and shoulder surgeon for my first 16 years of practice before going 100% spine in 1998. I bought my first Wolf transforaminal tray with a YESS scope in 2001. I have a 100% endoscopic spine practice and have never performed a fusion - there are better ways to cure back pain. 

Maybe I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you at one of the spine meetings or as an instructor at one of the courses out there. 

It’s my belief that endoscopic spine surgery is the best way to cure spine pain that arises from several problems. The reality is that endoscopic spine surgery can address 85-90% of the problems that cause spine pain. ESS can take care of that huge group of patients that don’t respond to pain management, but don’t need a fusion or disc replacement. 

I also believe that the practice of endoscopic spine surgery is building like a wave that will cure back pain so a fusion won’t even be considered. 

Over the years, I have had the pleasure of meeting people at various points along the the journey and they have been very generous with their knowledge and skills. I know that I could never have gotten to where I am now without their help.


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